Pemilihan Lokasi Gardu Induk Studi Kasus GI 150/20 kV Sukarame, Bandar Lampung
Nama:Muhammad Ramadhansyah, S.T., M.T.
No. Mahasiswa:18041/PS/MSEE/05
Pembimbing Utama:Dr. Ir. Hamzah Berahim, M.T.
Pembimbing Pendamping I:Ir. Bambang Sugiyantoro, M.T.
Anggota Dewan Penguji Lain:Dr. Ir. Sasongko Pramono Hadi, DEA , Avrin Nur Widiastuti, S.T., M.Eng
Abstrak :
    The objective of this research were to analyse the performance of existing subdistribution system in order to select a new substation location in Sukarame, Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province and to analyze its fesibility. This research considered relationship between technical aspects, i.e., voltage drops and energy loss due to I2R losses in the 20 kV feeder conductors, and financial aspects, i.e., investment cost, and annual cost of energy loss during useful life of the project.
    Application of model analysis have done by using the ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyzer Program) Power Station, i.e., the kind of electrical power system analysis program. The results of load flow analysis simulation based on the existing configuration of 20 kV feeders, were propose to build a new substation in Sukarame. The location under study selected conventionally. Substation loading considered load growth and load reach of conductors, and designed economically in the boundary of new substation service area. The results showed that voltage drops have recovered to fulfill the criterion of -5% nominal voltage and energy loss were minimized. Consequently, annual cost of energy loss in the 20 kV feeders were decreased. On the other hand, the net benefits will increase. Net benefits estimation that represented benefits substracted costs (fixed cost, i.e., cost of investment and variable cost, i.e., cost of generation based on transfer price at substation, annual cost of energy loss, operation and maintenance cost, depreciation cost, and taxes), were calculated during 25 years useful life by NPV method. Financial analysis have given positive NPV and indicated the substation project on that location was feasible.
    This research concluded that substation location under study has improved voltage drops percentage from (-14% up to -4%) to appoint (-4,5% up to -0,2%) of nominal voltage. Percentage of annual energy loss were minimized from 4,95% to appoint 1,93%. It showed that the proposed location is a proper location and based on financial analysis have given positive NPV.

Keyword:Substation location, voltage drop, energy loss, NPV