Strategi Penurunan Susut Energi Jaringan Distribusi Pada PT PLN (Persero) Area Pelayanan dan Jaringan (APJ) Cirebon
Nama:Ir. Sulistyo, M.T.
No. Mahasiswa:10972/PS/MSEE/02
Pembimbing Utama:Ir. Soedjatmiko, M.Sc.
Pembimbing Pendamping I:Ir. Bambang Sugiyantoro, M.T.
Anggota Dewan Penguji Lain:Dr. Ir. Hamzah Berahim, M.T., Ir. Harnoko St., M.T.
Abstrak :
    The development planning of distribution network must consider the load growth andload density at least five years in future to obtain the effective and efficient investment fund. The distribution system network planning can support the master plan of some areas properly, because the distribution network is one of infrastructure factor most significant for certain areas.
    Technical losses and non technical losses are the most important factor that can influence the distribution of electrical energy from distribution network to customers.
    For this reason they need to reduce the electrical losses and the method ot calculation is based on energy data distribution network measurement or by reconfiguration of the distribution network based on SPLN 71, 1987, which is the design criteria of medium voltage network having maximum correlation drop voltage 2 % for spindle and 5 % for radial or open loop system.
    The results of losses calculations have indicated that the biggest contribution of losses comes from low voltage network ( 5,99 % ), then followed by medium voltage network ( 4,49 % ) , distribution transformer ( 1,43 % ), service entrance ( 0,602 % ) and non technical losses ( 2, 12 % ).
    After some correction actions by replacing the existing the connectors to press types in three locations, losses reduction have been observed for the first place/ area from 44,89 % to 19,07 %, the second place/ area from 15,11 % to 11,20 %, and the third place/ area from 25,12 % to 15,29 %.
    In future, the losses fluctuation in these three areas must be monitored.